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Dear readers!

I'm happy to welcome you on the website of the "AKPPro" magazine – the first and only periodical in Russia devoted to automatic transmission service and repair.

Here you'll find articles on transmission design, as well as detailed coverage of their peculiarities, common issues and methods of repair. I hope these materials will help you increase your work efficiency and promptly deal with your clients' problems.

We also place high emphasis on the issues of business organization and customer and employee relationship management. In today's context, competition is very tough, and to simply detect and eliminate faults is not enough, because this is what a lot of rebuilders can do. Organizing interaction with clients is becoming more and more important - they must love your car-service center. And we show exactly how to win your clients' hearts.

The magazine about our industry

On the pages of our magazine you'll encounter familiar names and brands. The most prominent Russian companies share their expertise by means of the magazine. I believe that you'll find accounts of your counterparts' success or problems they have faced very helpful too. This information will help you get to know each other better and learn more about this field in general.

I'll be looking forward to your queries and feedback – please, send your comments and recommendations to I promise to answer every letter!

Valeriy Chusov,

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