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Issue: September 2021 (#20)

September 2021 (#20)

Dear friends, dear readers! We are glad to present you the next issue of our magazine. One of the articles in it is about relocation, and it is in a way a symbol of what is happening now with many companies and people. And it's not just about changing the address. Both people and businesses are always changing. But sometimes changes affect the whole world, like a pandemic that has been going on for more than a year and a half. It also influenced the market for new cars, which became scarce, and thanks to this, prices rose in the secondary market. For everyone involved in car repair, this means good prospects for business - cars, apparently, will be operated longer and, accordingly, will be repaired.

Another piece of news from 2021 is the concept adopted by the Russian government to increase the number of electric vehicles. Yes, there will be more of them soon, and this, at first glance, may reduce the number of cars with internal combustion engines and, accordingly, with automatic transmissions. But if you look at the figures given in the concept, it turns out that even under the most optimistic scenario in 2030 in Russia, only 30 percent of sold cars will be electric, and the total fleet of electric vehicles will be 3.23 million. This is less than 10 percent of the Russian fleet. And there is also an inertial scenario, according to which there will be about five percent of electric vehicles in the park. This generally coincides with the forecasts of the World Energy Agency for the entire Earth. So do not worry, we will not be left without work!

I wish you that all the changes in your life were only for the better! Be healthy!

Valery Chusov
chief editor of the magazine "AKPPro"

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