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Aisin AW TF-81SC: A vigorous veteran Обложка для статьи Aisin AW TF-81SC: A vigorous veteran
Aisin AW TF-81SC: A vigorous veteran

The Japanese company Aisin AW created the TF-80SC almost 15 years ago. The unit is intended for front-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles with an east-west engine mounting. That is why the transmission is quite space effective – its length is a mere 358 mm. In order to have six gears in such limited space, the designers used the Lepelletier-type gearset (see “AKPPro” #3, p. 18). This transmission designed for the transfer of quite a high torque is installed in models of various vehicle classes – С (OpelAstra, Chevrolet Cruze), Е (Volvo S80), as well as CUVs (Mazda CX-7 and CX-9) and minivans, or multi-purpose vehicles (Renault Espace). These transmissions work with engines from 1.9 to 4.4 L, the torque limitation being 450 Nm.

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