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Issue: June 2018 (#9)

June 2018 (#9)

The warmest time of the year for some people spells vacation time, whereas for others it’s the high season. Automobiles are used more often in the summer, so, naturally, there’s more need for professional advice. This is exactly when the problem of personnel efficiency looms large at a car service center. It happens so because employees eventually have to work more in the summertime. What can be done to make the staff take the increased load of work in the right spirit? The first thing that comes to mind is a pay rise. According to the poll conducted among the participants of the “AutoTransTech” seminar in Astana, many consider money to be the best motivation. However, the coach-consultant Natalia Lobanova in her article on motivation reminds us that money is by far not the key incentive. The title of the article reflects its main idea: “Don’t get obsessed with the salary!” 

In the modern world, almost everyone can earn a living and is able to buy food, clothes and pay for the housing. So, nowadays, other needs are coming into the picture – recognition, respect, the opportunity to improve the world, to produce an influence on other people. Look how much is being done for free these days! People take part in various events as volunteers. If a job provides an opportunity for the employees to participate in something big and useful, changing the world for the better, it will produce the same effect on them as a cash bonus. As they say, when your work brings you pleasure, it does not seem so hard after all. How to achieve this result is described in one of the centerpieces of the current issue  – “ Not by bread alone”. And since summer has set in already, we have decided to touch upon the topic of vacation. We reminisce about the cities where “AutoTransTech” seminars took place in 2015. Minsk, Kazan and Yalta were not chosen by chance then – those who visited these cities know how suitable they are not only for work-related meetings but also for recreation and new experiences.

Meanwhile, “AutoTransTech” will be preparing new events for you: as usual, at the end of the summer, another trade-show and seminar will take place in Moscow. Have a good summer – we wish you a nice vacation and productive work!

Valery Chusov,
Editor-in-chief, “AKPPro” magazine

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