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Victor Raskin - the AKPPro author

Victor Raskin

He began his scientific work in 1973 at the Department of Hydraulics of MAMI on the problems of mathematical modeling and optimization of control modes of hydrostatic gears. From 1975 to 1995 he worked in NAMI, in the laboratory of automatic transmissions, was engaged in the design, research and testing of automatic transmissions of passenger cars. He graduated from graduate school in 1983. From 1996 he started working at MAI. Participated in the design of automatic transmissions for cars VAZ and GAZ, as well as the creation of a 6-speed automatic transmission for a promising car class C. Author of more than 100 publications. He has 15 copyright certificates for inventions and patents of foreign countries. For the introduction of inventions in the industry he was awarded medals of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements and was awarded the title "Inventor of the USSR". Permanent participant of AutoTransTech seminars.

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