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Issue: March 2018 (#8)

March 2018 (#8)

Full speed ahead!

Dear readers! It has been 60 years since a new era began in car manufacturing – the first stock car with a CVT-transmission rolled off the production line. Up until that time, passenger / light duty cars had only been equipped with hydromechanical automatic transmissions. Due to their size and high cost, they were only installed on oversize / heavy duty vehicles, mostly U.S.-manufactured. And now, in 1958, DAF, a company based in the Netherlands, launched into production a small-sized passenger car with an automatic transmission that had a revolutionary design. 

We could not ignore this epoch-making event, so CVTs became one of the cover themes of this “AKPPro” issue. You will learn more on the history of CVT creation have an opportunity to compare its various modern design and gain information on some promising items under development, including those in the Russian market. It turns out, that despite the considerable age this design has capacity for further development.

And this is exactly what we wish you too. Constant movement forward helps us meet challenges and rise to the occasion. Everything changes – both the equipment and those who operate it. That is why participation in “AutoTransTech” events is a must if you want to be armed with the most relevant and important information, to stay on top of the situation and keep the momentum going. The next seminar is scheduled to take place in April of this year in the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana. This modern city, which was created with the participation of the world’s leading architects, is a place that is definitely worth visiting. On the other hand, thanks to the seminar, you will not only obtain valuable information, but also have a wonderful time with your colleagues and friends.

Have a nice spring and a successful start of your new projects!

Valery Chusov,
Editor-in-chief of the “AKPPro” magazine.

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