Magneti Marelli Selespeed CFC328 (DUALOGIC): Italian robot

To refer to this type of transmission here in Russia we use the term “robot”. Professionals use the abbreviation МТА, which is the same in Russian and in English: “Механическая Трансмиссия Автоматизированная”, “Mechanical Transmission Automatized”. This gearbox was originally designed as a purely manual transmission and then complemented with an “automated” unit. We have every reason to call it “robot”, because it’s exactly this transmission that works for the hands and feet of the driver: turns the clutch on and off, shifts the gears up and down. “Robots” are produced by such world-famous manufacturers as ZF, Magneti Marelli, Getrag. The main differences between these models are based on the drive type used inside this unit - an electrical or a hydraulic one. The hydraulic drive has one big advantage - speed-of-response. It shifts gears much faster than solely electrical “robots”. This is a favourite type of control for actual racing cars and ... real Italian cars. The temperament of a southern nation simply could not have chosen any other robotic transmission.

The Selespeed CFC328 is produced by Magneti Marelli, an affiliated company that belongs to the FCA. Basically, it’s a “robot” of an electrical(1)-hydraulic(2) type, installed on the mechanical(3) C514 gearbox.

Diagnostic trouble codes

Troubles connected with this МТА can be divided into three groups - let us denote them with Roman numbers for convenience:     

    I electrical;

    II hydraulic;

    III mechanical.

For the driver, all МТА troubles always look the same: the dashboard icon (значок)* goes on, a buzzer sounds, and on models with a matrix display a scrolling text appears stating the name of the failure. The user’s manual in each and every case recommends to consult car service center professionals immediately.

We can also discern three different patterns of the vehicle’s behaviour:

    А sporadically incorrect gear shifting;

    В failure to shift all gears or to shift into third gear and up;

    С activation of the emergency mode of the МТА after intensive use or brake application.

When considering the diagnostic trouble codes, we will be assigning them indices, combining the abovementioned num...

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